This is an advanced class designed for the experienced pistol shooter to further develop their skills.
Advanced topics include:

 • Review of safety concepts
 • Advanced shooting on the move tactics
 • Target discrimination
 • Advanced reloading techniques
 • Advanced malfunction clearing
 • Speed shooting
 • Long range pistol shooting
 • Utilization of cover and concealment
 • Low Light Techniques (if time permits)
 • Partner considerations (if time permits)
 • Weapon retention

Gear, weapon and ammunition requirements

Quality semi-automatic pistol with at least 3 magazines, 700 rounds of ammunition, weapon side holster, magazine holder, gun belt, quality eye and ear protection, tactical style flashlight, BDU style pants, water bottle, and clothing appropriate to weather conditions.

Course prerequisites

Center-Mass Combat Tactics Basic Combat Pistol Course I (or other basic pistol class from a reputable organization) Certain Law Enforcement officers and/or individuals with tactical backgrounds may also attend this program. Note: Students should be in good physical condition to participate in this program. This course will be very unforgiving. It is possible that not everyone will pass.

Duration: 1 Full Day (8 hours)

Cost: $225.00

*This class will initially be limited to the first 10 students that send in their deposits. CMCT may expand this cap at a later time.

Note: For the safety of students and instructors, all students must demonstrate competency with firearms skills before advancing to additional courses offered by Center-Mass Combat Tactics. Proficiency levels will be determined by the Center-Mass Instructors.

As a metric for performance, all students should arrive to the course capable of shooting the F.A.S.T drill clean in under 9 seconds.

Range: 7 yards
Target: 3×5 index card (head), 8″ paper plate (body)
Start position: weapon concealed or in duty condition with all holster retention devices active; shooter facing downrange in relaxed stance with arms down at sides
Rounds fired: 6

Shooter loads gun with a total of two rounds. On start signal, shooter draws and fires two rounds at the head target; performs a slidelock reload; and fires four rounds at the body target.


Due to registration issues in the past, all students wishing to register will need to send full payment of class tuition at time of registration. One week prior to the class (August 20th), the call will be made if the class has enough participants to proceed. If the class does not have enough students registered, then all payments will be voided or returned.