*** DATE: SUNDAY FEBRUARY 12th, 2017


This course was created to address the lack of medical knowledge and readiness on the streets and on the range during firearms operations. Whether you are a responsible citizen on an indoor range or a patrol officer responding to a call in the early hours of the morning, this class will help to prepare you for on scene treatment of trauma associated with the dangers we all face on a daily basis.

Topics in this 10-hour course will include:

 • Responder Safety Concerns
 • Introduction to Basic Medical Equipment
 • Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body
 • Gunshot Wound Anatomy
 • Tourniquet Use and Airway Management
 • Trauma Assessment
 • Casualty Carries
 • Contingency Medical Planning
 • Patient Turnover to EMS
 • Scenario Based Training

This is a basic medical class is designed to show the student the basic flow of trauma medicine, what equipment is available, and how to execute the rapid, life saving treatment of a victim in the field.

**This is an informational course only. It is not a certification course, nor is it endorsed by any regulatory body.**

This course will be presented by CMCT instructors who are National Registry EMTs and Paramedics. We will be assisted by an adjunct Physician’s Assistant.

Gear, weapon and ammunition requirements:

All students are required to report with a new CAT tourniquet (North American Rescue) or SOF-T tourniquet (Tac Med Solutions). In addition any medical kit that the student currently carries/uses should be brought.

Quality semi-automatic pistol, weapon side holster, gun belt, eye and ear protection, flashlight, BDU style pants, water bottle, and clothing appropriate to weather conditions should also be brought. No ammunition is necessary.

Course Prerequisites: None, but CPR certification prior to this course (and in general) is highly encouraged.

Duration: 1 Day - 10 Hours
Cost: $200.00


Due to registration issues in the past, all students wishing to register will need to send full payment of class tuition at time of registration. One week prior to the class (February 5th), the call will be made if the class has enough participants to proceed. If the class does not have enough students registered, then all payments will be voided or returned.