This is the course you have been waiting for!! We have been talking about this for quite some time, but it has finally come to fruition!!!.........

Block your schedules out now, because this will be a course unlike anything else we have ever offered. This course will be a full (long) day on Saturday (and a few hours Sunday morning) in the mountains of wild wonderful West Virginia!! Students will do extensive shooting in the following areas: Long range operations beyond 1,000 yards, Extreme angle shooting (down a mountain) and even roll over/SBU prone with plenty of DOPE adjustments, as well as "hold-off" shooting.

Students will be required to arrive early Saturday morning at a predetermined rally point, and then will convoy to the training location at the base of a nearby mountain. There, you will store all of your camping/sleeping gear and food in a cabin for the duration of your stay. At 0800 hours sharp, The group will ruck about 1 mile up the mountain top to the shooting stages. Students will be required to carry all of their operational/desired gear with them for the entire day. This includes the rifle and optics, ammunition supply, food and water, clothing and hearing protection. Basically, everything that you think you will need to sustain yourself for 10 hours on the range. After the days training, students will ruck as a group back to the cabin and set up camp for the night. Students will have a nice wood-burning stove and the ability to sleep on the floor inside the cabin until the morning. In the morning, students will quickly get all equipment and report early for a mock "final scenario".

As keeping with Center-Mass traditions, Military and law-enforcement professionals will be required to carry all of their mission-essential gear and complete all of the rucks. (Civilians, as always, can choose to ride on an ATV with the instructors, or complete the rucks if they wish)

Below is a recommended gear list for this 15 hour program:

 • quality .308 rifle with quality optics (this program is restricted to .308 Win only)
 • hearing protection, preferably electric, so students can hear instructors
 • food and snacks to sustain yourself throughout the day
 • dinner and breakfast to eat at the cabin
 • optional: bring in your truck- a small amount of firewood for the wood-burning stove in the cabin
 • at least 500 rounds of ammunition
 • clothing appropriate for all weather conditions in the mountains of West Virginia
 • lightweight shooting mat
 • Pillow and sleeping bags

Approximate drive time from Baltimore: 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Students with questions can email POC: Tom Wehrle, lead instructor.

Cost: $225.00


Due to registration issues in the past, all students wishing to register will need to send full payment of class tuition at time of registration. One week prior to the class (April 1st), the call will be made if the class has enough participants to proceed. If the class does not have enough students registered, then all payments will be voided or returned.