Some Testimonials from our Students


I would like to thank you and all of the instructors from the Carbine I class this weekend. CMCT is a class act with some of the best and most qualified instructors. You all were great professionals and it is clear that you have the experiance, and knowledge to conduct this class. I have heard of no other school out there that pushes thier student's limit as much as you guys have. I completely understand why and it is a necessity for any firearms owner to undergo this. I feel that over the course of two days I came out a better shooter but more importantly that I still have so much to learn, and must work to perfect the fundementals.

Overall the class strucure was oganized great. The structure of classroom on Saturday and drills on sunday were good as it takes theory and puts it into application. I found that the theory is great and... all but once you apply it under stress it is a completely different ball game. So in short, Carbine I was a well organized with great instructors and great information! Thanks again for all your help and it was a blast!

Drew, Harford County MD

Adam and Tommy,

Just wanted to send you guys a letter expressing my gratitude for the outstanding training you and your team provided this past weekend. Your technical expertise and passion for your trade craft was evident throughout the day. As both an officer and firearms instructor, you found ways to move me out of my comfort zone and helped me to explore new dynamics and techniques. Overall, I believe I am a better shooter and the experience is something I will not soon forget. I have already recommended you to several of my colleagues and friends. I look forward to training with you in the future.

Thank you,

Shawn, United States Department of Defense

To the CMCT Team:

"I would like thank your team, especially Tommy, for an extremely professional, educational, and most of all enjoyable one on one rifle class. I came into the class having no firearms experience. After seven hours, I was able to hit targets at ranges that I would have never thought possible with one day of training. Furthermore, my overall understanding of the rifle increased dramatically. I am now 100% confident when handling this firearm. The improvement that I experienced is a true testament to Tommy’s knowledge of firearms and his ability at being an extremely effective teacher. Thank you so much for finding time to schedule the one on one class, it was truly a great overall experience."

Cameron, Baltimore MD

CMCT Staff... I wanted to thank you for your instructions in the Introduction to Tactical Weapons course (4/21/13). You kept the material interesting by relating to your real life experiences and knowledge. Your range training exercises kept the day informative and interesting.

Harold, Harford County MD

"If you're looking for good, sound training in a safe training environment, go see the guys at Center Mass Combat Tactics. I am a police officer in Maryland and currently a firearms instructor with my department. I was a firearms and tactics instructor with the military for over 5 years and served in Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The folks at Center Mass know what they are talking about. They are an outstanding group of professionals that care about what they do. No matter what you think your experience is, or even if you have none, these guys will show you some awesome stuff that you haven't seen before. Shoot, move, communicate. Train hard, no excuses! Keep it rolling fellas!!!"

Jeff, Former Military & Police Firearms Instructor

"I have had honor of training with Center-Mass Combat Tactics for almost a year now. The instructors literally taught me to shoot the correct way, being a five year police officer. They take the time to individually help you with your weaknesses and highly praise you for your strengths. That gives you motivation to continue training hard. If I could I would go every weekend and train just for the amazing techniques which are taught at this training. I recommend it to anyone who is in the field. They are extremely professional and focus on safety at its highest priority. They explain instructions clearly and do an amazing job!"

Alex, Baltimore Police Department

Center Mass Combat Tactics LLP,

"Thank you very much for the outstanding training! The instructors that taught my class were top notch, they treated us with the utmost respect and professional courtesy. This was one phenomenal day of shooting with "Big Boy Rules", it was nice to be treated like a responsible firearm owner and not have someone hold my hand the entire day. I learned so much from the Intro to Tactical Weapons class that I will be taking the Handgun I & II course along with the Carbine I & II classes. As a non L.E.O. this class gave me the confidence to defend myself and family in my home with my handgun rather than a shotgun. The drills and skills taught with Retention Shooting, Malfunction Clearing (Type 1, 2,3), Strong Hand and Assist Hand, Retention with Support, Multiple Threats, Walking Drills, and my favorite the Fight To Your Feet far exceeded my expectations for what we would do in the class. The entire staff should be commended for their professionalism, courtesy, and dedication to providing exceptional training."

George, Harford County MD

"I was referred to Center Mass Combat Tactics by a gentleman who had recently attended a CMCT pistol course. I was skeptical because CMCT was a "start up" training company that was offering high end weapons training which had previously not been available anywhere in Maryland to my knowledge. After taking two courses with CMCT, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed each class and learned a lot of new techniques & tactics. The instructors are knowledgeable and not only teach their students but, they learn from their students at the same time. CMCT takes training to the next level & still maintains excellence in safety. If you're ready for local training that uses "Big Boy Rules", I recommend you start training with Center Mass Combat Tactics."

Max, Military & Police Officer - 16 years

"If you are looking for high speed, no B.S. quality firearms training CMCT is the best choice in the Tri-State Area!!! This isn't some boring NRA firearms course!!! The instructors at CMCT bring the latest, most creative training to the classroom and the range. You won't be bored or disappointed and you definitely get your moneys worth. These guys are squared away!!! "

Dan Kaminkow II, Gun Connection, LLC

"Regarding the Entry School I attended with Center Mass Combat Tactics: The instructors from CMCT really know and understand the material they are teaching. Before the attending Search Warrant Entry School I was a little skeptical. Being in law enforcement for over 14 years I have attended countless schools and thought it was going to be just like the others. I was extremely impressed with the school. My attention was focused the entire time during the classroom session. Range time was "true to the school", meaning that we didn't just shoot stationary, but actually moved front to back and side to side. The 2nd day was all hands-on room entries. I learned alot. The unit I work in serves over 100+ search warrants a year. This by far is the best training I have ever received. Again thank you for the imperative training. Keep up the good work."

Rob, Police Officer - 14 years

"The instructors at Center Mass Combat Tactics are top notch instructors that bring real world experience to both the classroom and the range. I have taken a lot of classes from different instructors and these folks know how to present the material in a clear, concise format in the classroom and then translate that material into high quality, high intensity range drills and instruction. I have signed up for more classes and will continue my training with CMCT."

Bryan A. Fletcher, NRA Certified Instructor, Maryland State Police Qualified Handgun Instructor, Utah Concealed Carry Instructor

"I was recently sent to CMCT training after being transferred to a specialized unit that executes numerous search warrant entries a month. I had previously trained with CMCT, and was excited to attend their search warrant entry school. The class was two FULL days of training. I felt like I learned more in those two days then from all of the other training classes I have ever attended combined. The CMCT instructors are very knowledgeable and have a great way of explaining and demonstrating things so that you not only learn, but understand why they do things the way they do. CMCT included more actual range time then the other classes, and incorporated things that are real life! They actually had us get out there and shoot on the move, taught us some very important failure drills, etc. We then spent a full day practicing room entries and building approaches. It was great hands-on training that taught me a lot. Everything that I learned in the class has applied to my job on a regular basis and I know that I am now that much safer at work. I attended two similar classes with another company after training with CMCT that just didn’t compare. They were impressed with the skills that I had learned from CMCT though! I will definitely be attending more CMCT classes!"

Shannon, Police Officer – 5 years

"I have taken two classes with these folks, very informative and safe with lots of shooting involved.
I would recommend to any of my friends."

Terry, Harford County MD

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the instructors for the Carbine Operator I class. I went into the class trying to forget what I learned in the past and I can honestly say I walked away with more knowledge about myself and the M4 platform than the Internet or any book or range time could have taught me. Thanks for taking the time to stick with me. I thought I had trained and had run that carbine as hard as I could in the past. It's safe to say I was wrong. The malfunction and mag change drills exposed my bad habits, as well as shooting defensively while going from laying on my back to kneeling to standing. I know what I have to work on to better myself and will keep up with it. I'm glad I took the advise about going in with an open mind and forgetting what I thought I knew. My only regret is that I cannot train like that every day. The PT that we did....I didn't mind it at all. Between that and the megaphone, you all seemed to simulate stress pretty well. You guys are top notch. I can understand why Dan and the other skilled guys have taken this class repeatedly. You guys expose all the flaws in techniques and my personal bad I NOW know what I need to work on to get better. Anybody that asks me what I had Learned in the class, I really have no words for them. I tell those that ask a blanketed statement who have never taken the/a class. "You think you know that rifle in and out now, but you have no freaking idea"..... that pretty much sums it up. I know I didn't write much in my critique because quite honestly I couldn't find the words. So I figured I would write you guys a thank you email. This is directed at all the instructors! I look forward to taking the class again every time you have it and would love to take the defensive handgun class. I have had formal training with the handgun before but like I said before, I probably have no freaking idea. I realize how much work you and the other instructors put into this class and you can all believe me when I say that you have made a better shooter out of me. I look forward to taking more classes with you guys in the future. Your company and instructors are truly squared away".

Tom C., Harford County MD

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