Center-Mass Combat Tactics, LLP is a professional training organization focusing on enhancing the overall wellbeing of our country’s military, law enforcement personnel, and legally armed citizens.

Center-Mass Combat Tactics has qualified instructors that are fully insured. Students will be expected to demonstrate professional conduct at all times, as safety is paramount during all phases of training evolutions.

Mission Statement

At Center-Mass Combat Tactics, our mission is simply to provide professional,realistic and effective training to all of our clients, regardless of their duty assignment.

To gain the tactical advantage in any armed encounter, you need the most practical training available. Center-Mass Combat Tactics provides personnel with safe, efficient methods to achieve that advantage, by teaching techniques that are combat proven. Whether you are attached to a military unit, law enforcement agency, security contractor or an armed civilian, Center-Mass Combat Tactics will support your entity by teaching innovative techniques that you can later apply in a real-world encounter…for a successful outcome.


"What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goal."

"Train Hard, No Excuses."